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*** Created by Jay—my personal, in-house designer! ***
Welcome Sharks!

By the time you have completed this course, you’ll know exactly why having an AMAZING brand name, logo, product images and custom-designed packaging is KEY to your success! 

Many people try to get into the private label products space, but they fail miserably because they create mediocre brand names and skimp on the design process. Their forgettable brand names and cheap, amateurish designs instantly ruin the whole concept—and they can’t understand why no one is buying their product! Think of your own buying habits. You wouldn’t pay a premium price for a brand that looks CHEAP, and neither will your customers! 

Smart sellers, like you, know the value of good design and how it directly affects your bottom line. As a member of this course, you know the exact steps to take to create an amazing brand that will resonate with your target audience. You also know where to get amazing product images created on a budget. The only missing piece of the puzzle are the actual designs for your product. These are your brand logo and possibly packaging design, if needed.

Of course, you can post a project on Upwork and hope to find a designer that will:

1) Be reasonably priced;
2) Provides top-class designs!

It doesn’t take much to realise that this will not be an easy task. Good and affordable designers are a rare find on sites like this. Usually, it’s either low-priced, low-quality designs OR you pay a professional rate for professional-level design work. If you’re new to design, it can be difficult to know whether you’re getting good value and good work or just getting ripped off. 

But you don’t have to take this risk! I have put together an amazing offer for all Amazon Sharks members. As a member, you have the opportunity to have your design projects taken care of by my own in-house designer, Jay. This is a unique opportunity to work with an experienced professional at a special price. You simply won’t find this quality of work elsewhere for less!
Jay has been working with me on all of my business projects for more than ten years now. He knows this industry, he knows these types of projects, and he has created hundreds of brands for my clients, including logo designs, packaging designs and 3D design projects.

I truly believe that the quality of the work that Jay is providing as part of this special Amazon Sharks offer will truly amaze you!

Here are the packages you can order:
  •  Logo only design - £147
  •  Packaging ONLY design - £100
  •  Logo + packaging design - £247
  •  Logo + packaging design + final package created in 3D image - £297
All logo and packaging designs are created in VECTOR format, from scratch. This means that no pre-made templates are used here and designs can be up-scaled to any size needed without any quality loss. Along with vector files, you’ll also receive PNG and JPEG files for your logo design and print ready PDF file for your packaging design.

The 3D packaging design service is something UNIQUE you won’t find many designers actually do! With this package you’ll get a photo-realistic design of the packaging in 3D format - and you can use this as a product image directly on Amazon along with other product images:
So here’s what you need to do to place your order:
  •  Choose the package below and place your order via PayPal.
  •  After you place your order and pay via PayPal, please send an email with PayPal transaction ID to:
  •  Within 24 hours (MONDAY to FRIDAY) you’ll receive an email with further instructions from designer!
Depending on the number of orders, usual turnaround time is 5-10 business days.

After designer receives details about your project, within 3-5 days you’ll be presented with 3 logo design concepts. Usually one of the concepts will be picked by you and then designer moves onto packaging and 3D design work (if you have ordered it).

With packaging design - for designer to create accurate packaging design, you will need to ask your supplier dimensions of the packaging and in case of a box - a PDF layout file so that designer knows exactly how to create your design.

Most suppliers will have no problem in providing you with a PDF file of the box layout. In case of simple labels or flat printing, all you need is SIZE of the area design needs to be created for.
Another tip - as you will be selling the product on Amazon, in most cases you can print the FNSKU barcode directly on the packaging, so that you don’t have to use any labels afterwards. If you want to implement FNSKU in packaging design, make sure to send FNSKU PDF file to designer (you can get it directly from Amazon).

Printing code right onto packaging will usually only work if you have one variation of the product. In case of multiple variations (size, colour etc.), you don’t want to get custom box made for each variation - you’ll use one box/packaging for all. In this case, simply ask designer to leave white box/place on the packaging design where you can then later on apply FNSKU labels manually.

Lastly, we can offer such low price on this design service because I won’t be personally involved with these design projects - you’ll be communicating with Jay directly. This way I’m not taking any cut from these design sales and everything goes directly to designer. 

So if you have any further questions about designing services, please send an email to:


P.S. Both parties agree that this purchase is authorship work and that with this purchase the client has acquired all authorship rights. This means that all design ownership rights after the order is completed is transferred to you and you can then use designs to file a trademark application and do everything else you want with all the files supplied.
Here are some DESIGN examples of what you can expect: @ All Rights Reserved 2019